Logi Tag 121 HF VIGO 2K

////Logi Tag 121 HF VIGO 2K

Logi Tag 121 HF VIGO 2K

Discreet RFID Tags that withstand liquid immersion, high pressure conditions and extreme temperatures.

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Logi Tag discs are ideal for tagging industrial tools and small equipment. Among the smallest HF tags available, Logi Tag 121 units are assembled using patented direct bonding Vigo™ technology that enables HID Global to produce tags in thinner, smaller formats without compromising performance. They mount with industrial adhesives, with options for metal or non-metal surfaces. Logi Tag HF transponders are NFC Tag Type 5 compliant when formatted with NDEF data structure. This Vigo 2K version offers additional crypto Grain-128 functions for enhanced security in authentication applications.

Model: 121
Atex certificeret: Yes

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Størrelse 12.00 × 12.00 × 2.00 cm