RFID NANO etiket 54x34mm papir

//RFID NANO etiket 54x34mm papir

RFID NANO etiket 54x34mm papir

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RFID NANO etiket 54x34mm papir

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Rfid label 54x34mm. Paper
Memory EPC 96 bits, User 0 bits.
Applicable surface: cardboard, plastic, glass.
Max read distance: 6m (19 ft)
This labels is suitable for apparel, manufacturing, healthcare, and general track- and- trace applications.



  • Self-adhesive label.
  • Strength in proximity situations.
  • EPC Global Class 1 Gen2 (ISO18000-6C).
  • Unique inlayless design with no PET carrier layer.
  • Thinner labels and tags – no inlay bump.
  • More environmentally friendly tags – no PET or chemicals, 50% less glue.
  • Suitable for retail apparel, jewelry, manufacturing, healthcare, and general track-and-trace  applications.
  • Ready-to-use labels certified for use with the following top vendors of printer encoders: Zebra Technologies, Toshiba, and Sato.

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